• How to Maintain Eye Health in Front of a Computer

    How to Maintain Eye Health in Front of a Computer

    Of course, we certainly know that lingering in front of a computer can damage the function of the eye. Therefore, for those of you who are friends with this thing every day, do not ignore the habits below because it can help maintain eye health in front of the computer.

    1. Work in a Room with Bright Lights

    When you operate a computer, be it at home, in the office, or wherever you should always turn on the lights in fairly bright conditions. If you are in a public place, you should choose a place near the light.

    That way, the light coming out of your computer screen will tend to be brighter despite adjusting it in a low light level (brightness). https://www.infobiografi.com As a result, the rays of the computer screen will not be too sharp and pierce your eyes Gengs. Conversely, if the monitor screen is too bright, it will affect the level of flexibility in the eye muscles.

    2. Periodic breaks can maintain eye health in front of the computer

    Being in front of the monitor screen for a long time and continuously will certainly make your eyes tired, look glazed and dark circles. Not only that, the intensity of your eye blinks will also be reduced so that the eye muscles are not functioning optimally.

    To overcome this, the Healthy Gang should rest periodically. For example by taking your eyes off the screen for a moment every 30 minutes. Even better if you can walk for a while to refocus the eyes.

    3. Consumption of Fruits and Vegetables

    This one tip may sound very general. But believe that the habit of eating vegetables at every time you eat and consume fresh fruit as a snack will be very good not only for the body, but also the eyes.

    Choose vegetables and fruits that contain beta-carotene, such as carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, oranges, bananas, and fruits that have red and orange pigments. Beta carotene will become a pro vitamin that will be converted into Vitamin A which will maintain eye health in front of the computer.

    4. Using the Protective Screen

    Healthy Gang ever seen a computer that uses additional coatings such as plastic? Well, these items are protectors that function so that light emitted from the computer can not reach the eyes directly.

    Light emitted from the monitor screen will be absorbed so that eye health in front of the computer can be maintained. https://www.halosehat.co.id In addition, you can use sunglasses with UV light protectors and a computer as an alternative that is far more practical and easier to find.

    5. Modification of the Workbench

    One of the tips that can be done to maintain eye health is to look away periodically. To restore the function of the eye back to normal, you can turn your eyes to green like a tree or flower that can soothe.

    However, if you don't have a garden at work, you can create one yourself by modifying your work table. Tata by placing ornamental plants, do not need the original, which is important can beautify the desk so that makes your eyes more relaxed.

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