• Most Washing Hands So Make Dry Skin, Don't Forget to Use Lotion!

    Most Washing Hands So Make Dry Skin, Don't Forget to Use Lotion!

    Hand washing is the easiest way to maintain cleanliness, also to prevent the spread of disease. It could actually be relying on antiseptic gels like hand sanitizers, but still washing your hands with running water is the best.

    "Washing your hands is best to use water and soap, if you use antiseptic, you can, but like that 5 times, you actually have to wash your hands with water and soap," Dr. dr. Dewi Sumaryani Soemarko, M.S, SpOk from the Department of Health FKUI in Salemba, Central Jakarta, Thursday, (5/3/2020).

    But hand washing also needs to be careful, because the more we wash our hands, the moisture in the skin will decrease and the hands become dry. So do not forget to afterwards use a moisturizer like lotion.

    "But every night janhan forgot to use moisturizers as well as his hands. Moisture from the hands is important, https://upload.co.id especially for people with diabetes, so dry hands, easily injured. Reducing dry skin every night always use moisturizers," he explained.

    Another way to protect yourself from the Covid-19 corona virus is to wear a mask, especially for those who are sick. Also for officers in health centers and hospitals that are considered urgent.

    "It is precisely him (the officer) who has to wear a mask, why because he meets with people every day with various diseases," he explained.

    Do not also force yourself when the body is not healthy. Avoid going outside, especially to go to endemic areas such as China, South Korea, Italy, Iran and Japan. https://www.softonic.co.id Because the immune system of the sick will be weak and easily infected with the virus.

    "Don't force yourself to leave, let alone go to endemic areas. Then, don't lie, be honest, where are you from, if you lie we will be hard to help you," said Dr. Goddess.

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