• These Hairy Body Parts Have Important Functions

    Our body is unique and we know that. Unfortunately, most of us are not too curious about this because it is felt to be unimportant. For example, do you know why you have eyebrows? Why are eyebrows important to us?

    Yes, most of the things we don't often ask about are related to the hair on our bodies. Without much consideration, whether it's good or bad, we often shave it without thinking about the consequences. The following is a list of the hairs along with an explanation of their actual function.

    1. Armpit hair

    No one knows for sure what the purpose of hair in this part of the body. Experts theorize that underarm hair appears as a reduction in underarm skin friction. Skin friction is considered to cause discomfort and can cause skin irritation.

    In addition, armpit hair is also said to aim to protect the parts of our body that have vital arteries while providing a different sexual sensation. In this case, as a pheromone spreader.

    2. Eyebrows

    You certainly do not think if the hair is very important part. Experts say there are two purposes for the presence of eyebrows in our lives, namely to maintain the moisture of our eyes, as well as communication tools.

    Eyebrows keep sweat from coming down to the eyes and disturbing vision. In addition, it can also reduce the light that will enter https://www.pro.co.id the pupil. For communication, eyebrows can clarify our body language. For example a raised eyebrow can indicate skepticism.

    3. Pubic hair

    Many people feel uncomfortable about this, but it is strongly recommended not to shave it. That's because pubic hair serves to protect you while having sex or while urinating.

    Because pubic hair is you do not experience irritation due to the presence of bacteria and other pathogens. The story will be different when you don't have it.

    4. Feather on the toe

    Than the others, maybe the hair on the toe is the least you are aware of its presence. Almost always covered by shoes, it turns out the hair on the toe can be a sign of the similarity of your genes to your parents.

    If your parents have hair on their toes, you should also have a 50 percent chance to get it too. Also, be aware, the presence of hairs on your toes can also be a marker of your health.

    5. Nasal hair

    Often people feel uncomfortable with the presence of dense nose hair, but actually the hair has a function as an air filter. The air we breathe is not completely clean.

    Lots of dust and sand carried away when we breathe the air. With the presence of nose hairs, the dirt is filtered in such a way that the air that enters your lungs is only clean air.

    6. Leg and arm hair

    Like hair on the chest, hair in this section aims to regulate our body temperature. This is very useful when in ancient times when it was not familiar with clothing. But over time, with the presence of clothing, https://www.faunadanflora.com the function of the fur is replaced. For now, leg and arm hair are symbols of maturity.

    That is the hair on your body that is often not aware of its function. Once you know this, you should not shave. Consider again whether shaving has a positive impact on your health or not.

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  • How To Know Women's Ideal Body Weight

    Having the ideal weight is everyone's dream, especially women. Various methods were carried out in order to get the desired number, ranging from adjusting your diet to exercise. But, what is the ideal body weight like? The following is a formula and how to calculate a woman's ideal weight.

    Ideal body weight is proportional weight. So, the ideal weight for you is not necessarily ideal for others. https://www.pelajaran.co.id/ To find out your ideal weight, you can calculate it using the BMI formula or Body Mass Index, where you calculate based on your height.

    So, for example if your weight is 60kg and your height is 150 cm, the calculation is as follows: 60: (1.5x1.5) = 60: 2.25 = 26.6. Well, based on the BMI table, it means your weight is included in the overweight category.

    Another calculation example, if your weight is 50kg and your height is 160 cm, then the calculation is 50: 2.56 = 19.5. So, your weight is included in the ideal category. Easy enough to count it?

    That was the formula and how to calculate a woman's ideal weight. How is your ideal weight yet? https://www.sekolahan.co.id/ Whatever your weight, remember, the most important thing is that your body must stay healthy!

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