• Sacrifice of Medical Personnel in Wuhan

    Sacrifice of Medical Personnel in Wuhan

    4 Sacrifice of Medical Personnel in Wuhan, Treat Corona Virus Patients Until Someone Takes Life

    Thousands of people were treated in Wuhan hospital after being diagnosed with a deadly corona virus. They do have to undergo a series of medical treatments in order to survive. The soaring number of corona virus patients has made hospitals in Wuhan overcrowded. Medical personnel were overwhelmed. Doctors and nurses paced endlessly to treat patients. Even so busy taking care of others, they barely had time to take care of themselves.

    a series of external sacrifices can be made by medical officers in Wuhan, the origin of the corona virus. https://www.ips.pelajaran.co.id Some of them must be willing to leave the family to take care of patients in the hospital. Every day, they are also threatened with contracting the corona virus while on duty. Let's see more.

    1. To simplify his work, a nurse named Shan Xia shaved his hair bald. That was done to help corona virus patients

    2. A nurse named Wang Yuehua willingly left her husband and child to volunteer in Wuhan. Her husband cried when the nurse left for the errand

    3. Because they are too busy taking care of patients, the medical staff in Wuhan do not have time to go to the toilet. Finally they wore diapers!

    4. After treating many patients who contracted the corona virus, a doctor named Liang Wudong also contracted the virus until he died

    Reporting from CNN, Liang Wudong served as a doctor at Hubei Xinhua Hospital. He has been at the forefront in dealing with the corona virus since its initial outbreak in December. Every day Liang handled many patients until they were exhausted. https://www.ipa.pelajaran.co.id Either maybe so tired that it made the immunity drop, Liang finally joined the corona virus. He also died at the age of 62 years.

    Besides Liang, there was another doctor named Jiang Jijun who died. Jiang had a heart attack while treating corona virus patients.

    The sacrifice made by the medical staff was truly touching. They are willing to bet their lives to save the corona virus patient.

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