• Scientists Claim Leeches Can Prevent Corona, What Yes?

    Scientists Claim Leeches Can Prevent Corona, What Yes?

    Scientists Claim Leeches Can Prevent Corona, What Yes?

    Until now there has not yet been found any effective drug or vaccine to treat the corona virus. But recently a study said that leeches can prevent the corona virus in the future.

    Blood-sucking animals are said to https://www.studybahasainggris.com be able to predict the existence of viruses that are transmitted from animals to humans, including the corona virus. This was revealed by scientists from the University if East Anglia, who claimed to use the latest biotechnology methods to successfully find this.

    Research leader, Professor Doughlas Yu has been researching 30 thousand leeches in five years to find out the existence of wild animals which are the place for viruses to breed. After that, the virus can move to animals or humans.

    According to Yu, when leeches suck the blood of wild animals, he can find out the condition of these animals. After being sucked, the DNA from the blood is extracted to find out the animals that it sucks, like deer, monkeys, even various types of birds.

    Quoted from the South China Morning Post, the study made Yu confident that leeches could prevent future outbreaks of COVID-19.

    "Our team is ready for that. https://www.bahasainggris.co.id We have provided a methodology to anticipate it. The same method can also be applied to detect wildlife (virus carriers)," Yu said, as quoted by Detik Health.

    With this research, humans can make anticipations from prevention to antivirus predictions for the corona virus. This is so that the virus will not spread from animals to humans and between humans.

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